An important aspect in determining the quality of an LED grow light, LED Grow Light, LED Grow Light is the color spectrum. Unfortunately, that is still often underestimated by people who are planning to grow with LED and are looking for the best LED grow light. We are often asked which lamp is the most powerful in terms of Lumen or PAR. Because Lumen mainly says something about the amount of light that we can observe with the human eye and much less about the amount of light that a plant actually uses for growth or flowering, Lumen is actually not such a good indicator as many people think. PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation), on the other hand, is a good indicator of the power of a grow lamp, because PAR indicates the amount of light a plant uses for photosynthesis.

But the power of an LED grow light is only important if the color spectrum is good. After all, if a grow lamp has super power, but does not have the right color spectrum to give the plants what they need, then the plant will not develop properly and all that light power is useless. When determining the quality of an LED grow light, it is therefore the combination of power and spectrum. Only when the spectrum is optimal and the grow light has enough power, then an LED grow light is eligible for the title 'good grow light'. Take it from us that there are quite a few LED grow lights that are very powerful (and expensive!), But that do not have the color spectrum in order and are therefore not worth the money. If you want to know our opinion about the quality and spectra of the various LED grow lights, please feel free to contact us.
Changing light needs per stage of life

What you also need to consider when choosing the right LED grow light is that the light requirement of a plant differs per stage of the life cycle. Roughly, a plant mainly needs blue light to grow and red light to be able to flower. There are different views on the different LED brands when it comes to the color spectrum. There are brands that choose to zoom in on the colors blue and red and so equip their grow lights with blue and red diodes (LEDs). The idea is that a plant mainly needs blue and red for photosynthesis and that it is therefore wise when a grow light mainly emits blue and red light. When you turn on these lights, they will give a purple light to the eye.

However, there are also brands that are convinced that a plant can best develop when it receives a spectrum in which all colors are represented. The explanation is that although a plant mainly uses blue and red light for photosynthesis, other colors also contribute to the development of the plant, for example in the production of hormones. With this vision, the sun is often used as a reference. Because, if plants in the wild have evolved for millions of years under the light of the sun, then the spectrum of the sun will surely be the best for the plant? LED grow lights that use this vision therefore give a white / yellow light when they are switched on.

And then there are also brands that make LED grow lights that specifically focus on a certain stage in the life cycle of the plant. You can think of a lamp that gives mainly blue light for plants that only need to grow or a lamp that predominantly produces red light and therefore is especially useful during the flowering phase.

Full-Cycle LED Light                                                                                                                                      Full-Spectrum LED Light


LED Light for Grow                                                                                                                                                LED Light for Bloom    

You probably already know where the grow lamp you are looking for must meet. To make it easier for you to quickly see on this website which kind of spectrum the lamps are equipped with, we have made a distinction between four different spectrum groups and each of these groups has its own color icon. We have placed the color icon in the top left corner of the main images of all grow lights, so that you can immediately see which spectrum group the lamp belongs to. We hope to make it easier and clearer, so you can search more quickly for an LED grow light that meets your needs.
Below you find the spectrum groups:

Breeding camps with a growing spectrum give mainly blue light and are only suitable for plants that only have to grow and do not have to flower. The growth spectrum is therefore also extremely suitable for growing young plants.

Grow lights with a flowering spectrum predominantly show red light and are primarily intended to transmit maximum flowering power to the plant. Lamps with a flowering spectrum are therefore only useful later in the life cycle of the plant and are extremely suitable for giving extra flowering power during the flowering phase.

Full Cycle
Full Cycle LED grow lights are suitable for the entire life cycle of the plant and are equipped with mainly blue and red LEDs. These grow lights give a purple light to the eye. In some cases, these grow lights are equipped with different positions, with which you can adjust the spectrum slightly more for growth or flowering.

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