Which lamp do I need for my grow room?

The lamp you need depends on the space, so you measure the floor. The length times the width is equal to the amount of m2. You get the best results from 40 to 50 watts per square meter, so look for your LED grow light.
How high do I hang a LED bulb above the crop?

The data below are recommendations and can be different for each type of plant. The number of recommended centimeters is measured from the top of the plant.

    Sowing / germination: +/- 70 CM

    Continued growth: +/- 70 to 100 CM

    Growth: +/- 45 to 100CM

    Flowering: +/- 25 to 50 CM

How long should a LED Grow Light be on?

A separate bud for growing and flowering is not present on every lamp, but this is not necessarily necessary. However, it is good to work with an external timer (or use the timer in the lamp - if present) so that these times are pursued.

    Sowing / germinating: 18 hours on, 6 hours off (dark) - possibly 20 to 4

    Continued growth: 18 hours on, 6 hours off (dark) - possibly 20 to 4

    Growth: 18 hours on, 6 hours off (dark)

    Flowering: 12 hours on, 12 hours off (dark)

Which growth conditions are important?

Besides a good LED grow light there are a number of factors that can be of great importance in the growth and flowering of a plant (or flower). The temperature, the humidity level and the air supply have direct effects on the photosynthesis of the plant. The perfect temperature is between 23 and 30 degrees Celsius. As far as humidity is concerned, we advise you to stay between 50% and 70%, using an air supply and air discharge that is in good demand. PH values ​​vary per plant but in most cases you can suffice with a value of 6 to 6.5.

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