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Ibought offers you 2 models incubators of the brand HHD. Perfect for hatching chicken eggs, quail eggs, duck eggs, reptile eggs etc.

  • Newest 2018 Design Brooder Fully Automatic Model 24 eggs NOW Sale From 149.00 for 114.95

  • Fully automatic turning of the eggs in cycle.

  • Equipped with an automatic rotation system Capacity of 24 eggs of different sizes

  • Fully automatic moisture and temperature control.

  • Includes humidity display 4 LED indicators: temperature, egg rotation, incubation time, humidity Fully automatic alarm

  • More energy efficient (please note that the machine is permanently on for 3-4 weeks)

  • Double fan for good air circulation, more accurate control and adjustment of temperature and humidity built in left and right Fan and sensors are cleaned clean on the sides (hygiene)

  • Easy to clean compared to previous models Temperature to be adjusted very accurately between 30-39.5 ° C

  • Adding water goes through the outside, so there is less disruption of the hatching process if the lid has to be opened.

  • Transparent lid with viewing windows to be able to follow the breeding process well without any disturbances by lifting the lid

  • There is less contact with outside with deviations in temperature (2 sides instead of 4 sides on most other models)

From there we can indicate that it is more advisable to use one or more smaller machines for hobby use. If you order multiple machines simultaneously, we will give you 20% discount on the other machines. Simultaneous hatching of 48 to 56 eggs turns out to be too much in practice, so that usually only half of the machine is filled. As a result, these machines are no longer accurate due to the lack of mass in the machine. This is also not energy efficient. Moreover, you are much more flexible with your 2-machine inlay.

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