Distilling water, making alcohol from wine, making ethiric oils, etc. has never been easier with this fully automatic distiller.

The temperature can be accurately adjusted to the degree via the digital display. The AquaStill is entirely performed in stainless steel, high quality. An additional advantage is that the device has a glass can with a capacity of 4 liters (many other models have a plastic can). The device is CE-approved (in accordance with European standards)


  •     Producing clean drinking water

  •     Producing alcohol without complicated additional boilers

  •     Making ethisic oil

  •     Making colloidal silver

  •     For homeopathic remedies

  •     For the making of cosmetics and personal care products such as odor water, face water and ethiric oils

This model has a digitally adjustable temperature control, making it ideal for evaporating alcohol for making oil and gradually distilling wine to alcohol. To make oil, you need alcohol (30.00 per liter) which is often very expensive to evaporate. By first producing the alcohol yourself with sugar water and yeast (wine) and then recovering it 60% back again, an efficient process is generated and you earn the device quickly.

Special price for Ibought customers:
Only € 179.95 (elsewhere between € 225 / € 250, -).

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